Ride Snowboards exposed a new collaboration with Mike Aho, whose artwork is featured on the limited edition DH2.6 snowboard. Mike’s surreal creations of discontent and nostalgic comedy provide a suiting façade for Ride’s signature style, and represent the sixth of seven limited artist series DH2 boards introduced over the past three seasons.

   Mike hails from the cultured lands of Austin, Texas, where he acquired a taste for the arts that extended far beyond painting, into the world of music, animation and more. After heading west to the OC, he assumed his current commercial role as Art Director of Marketing for Volcom Clothing, where he has created an unmistakable image for the brand. His work has been featured on numerous prints, graphic videos, skateboards, apparel lines and cover-art for Volcom, his band ((sounder)), and through brands such as Matte Black Clothing.

  For the best in freestyle antics, the DH2.6 from Ride features the latest Hybrid-Twin board profile. Offering primo response, pop and landing stability, this unique twin shape utilizes micro-camber beneath the feet with a slight rise in the tip and tail for catch-free riding. Complete with all the key ingredients for a true Ride masterpiece, the DH2.6 also features Slimewalls®, Pop Rods 2.0® and Membrain® top sheet.

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