Northern Excursion

  A couple weeks ago I (Steve) was fortunate to be invited up north by Jason from Rayz boardshop to partake in 5 days of northern hospitality. Jay had arranged for us to spend a day with Skeena Cat boarding, a day on Hudson Bay Mountain, and a day sledding with Harvey Mountain Snowmobile tours. Some strings were pulled and the fine folks at Hawkair flew myself, Andrew Sharpe (Armada), Derek Hale (Rome), and Tyler Ellement (Volcom) up north to experience the finest that Smithers had to offer.

 We flew up from Vancouver on a Hawkair Dash 8 to a welcome reception from the Rayz Boardshop gang. Upon arrival we were wisked up to Jason’s family cabin at the base of Hudson Bay Mountain where some partying ensued.

 Our first full day we spent shredding on Hudson Bay Mountain. The weather was beautiful and warm and our trusty guide showed us all the secret stashes the mountain had to offer. With a lack of fresh snow we ended up doing some high speed hit runs and cut some laps through the Rayz terrain park.

  The crew up at Hudson Bay really know how to build a great park. As the day wound down we found our selves on a sun drenched patio enjoying some ceasars and epic pulled pork sandwiches courtesy of Jay, Derek, and Andrew. With a little liquid courage we built a hip under the chalet and sessioned it until we could hardly hike back up.

  On the second day we headed towards New Hazelton for a day of Cat Boarding with Skeena Cat Skiing. Skeena is in their first year of Cat operation but you would never know as the guides, cat operators, and lodging are all top notch. The Terrain has some amazing steep alpine runs, as well as some great tree shredding. There is literally something for everyone at Skeena Cat Skiing. Once we got back to the lodge we shared stories of our epic runs and sat down to feast prepared by Rome’s Derek Hale. If Derek ever decides to change professions he could make a killing as a chef. He prepared a delicious Salmon Dill Pasta that was to die for.

  After a mild night and a sound nights rest at the comfortable Skeena Cat Skiing Lodge we headed up to Seaton Basin with Harvey Mountain Snowmobile Tours. Our tour guide Dustin taught us rookies how to carve and slash around on our sleds, then took us up to the alpine where Andrew Sharpe and myself dropped some gnarly AK style chutes. The other boys high marked and caught air on their sleds and made the most of this awesome zone.

  Once the sled day concluded we enjoyed yet another feast at Jay’s guest house and traded more stories from the days adventures. We retired to our rooms exhuasted from the weeks activitites and woke up early to catch our Hawkair flight back to Lotus Land.

  I would like thank Jason from Rays Boardshop as well as Hawkair, Hudson Bay MountainSkeena Cat Skiing, and Harvey Mountain Adventures for arranging this trip of a lifetime. If you are looking to discover a new zone to conquer on your board I would highly suggest heading up to Smithers and partake in one or all of these fine places.

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