TRANSWORLDSNOWboarding: K2 Cool Bean

Some love from TRANSWORLDSNOWboarding 2016 Tested & Approved!

The K2 Cool Bean had some recognition! The Cool Bean will tear up everything from that fresh groomed corduroy, to those pillow poppin’ occasions. Here’s what TRANSWORLDSNOWboarding Gear Editor, Scott Yorko had to say.

“Unlike some new swallowtails with drastic tail tapers and fat, scoopy noses, you don’t need three feet of pow to have fun on this board. With a 28.7 centimeter waist width, the all-mountain sidecut held up fine on groomers, and the short tail whipped us through tight trees. The extra-wide width did make it lurch a little when laying deep into carves, but other than that it railed. While chopped-tail shapes like this are traditionally small-batch experiments by boutique board builders, it’s telling that a big company like K2 is making a significant investment in the pow vision with thousands of units in major retailers.” – Scott Yorko

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