Spacecraft was conceived when a photograph of a snowcat was taken at the base of an Alpental backcountry run.  That photo became the projection of the brand, the iconic snowcat logo that became synonymous with the Spacecraft Brand. Spacecraft’s products were born deep in the Cascades and created on the beaches and the mountains of…


WE ARE ALL ENJOYERS Advanced Party Boarding (APB) is as fun as it looks. Did you ever play Mario Kart on the N64? Well… it’s very similar to that. Fast and loose! K2’s website is live with all the simple pleasure posted, have a look.  


Last winter was pretty nuts. It got easier fairly early on to set the 5.45am wake up call. Knowing we’d be stomping those morning lift-line snowflakes by 8.00am. Sorry to anyone who showed up an hour later… we didn’t really leave you much. RIDE SNOWBOARDS website is live, check it out.