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ok, wow this is way different.

usually by now (late-November) we’re half way through on our BC shop and PK tour. Slapping high -5’s, having a time while chatting through what the fuck’s happening, and most definitely crushing some beers. But… COVID put us in a different place. So we’re making a new plan to share some key facts, what’s happening this season, and really hope to get some interaction from you so we can toss some gear in the mail to you and your shop.

we’re always a pocket dial away. we miss you, and can’t wait until there’s that moment we’re on the hill getting after it.

there’s a bit to read through with the presentations Erik’s put togeher. But there’s lots of details in there. wether you’re a little blurry eyed before heading into your shop shift, or crushing beers and getting fired up on the season ahead, here’s some info for you.

we listen to music most of the time we’re reading, this playlist kept us going while putting this together. hopefully it does the same for you! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6XBN81EhWnyrzxqDGBhgTh FUCK YEAH JONATHAN CHEW for putting this list together!!!


meet the team

Jake Blauvelt, Jake Welch, Hanna Beaman, Danimals, Jed Anderson, Derek Lever, Specer Schubert, Cole Navin, Beau Bishop, Jill Perkins, Brandon Davis, Reid for Speid, Ryoki Agawa, Severin Van Der Meer, Ojo Forever

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let’s start with bindings. there’s been a major addition this season. yeah I know we made a statement saying “SAVE THE PLASTIC FOR THE DILDOS” but… you know how these things go… times change, and there’s this thing called “progression”… so guess what? we’ve introduced COMPOSITE bindings to the program. here you have your C-SERIES SNOWBOARD BINDING.

C-SERIES chassis is built with the forged aluminium heel-cup (same new-part as A-SERIES) bonded with polycarbonate tray.

Designed for the rider that prefers the look and feel of polycarbonate underfoot, but demands the responsive and performance of an aluminium heelcup.

What’s polycarbonate? Great question. It’s a rigid plastic. If you want to know more about the science, here’s the Wiki link on polycarbonate.

bindings we’re a big deal for us this season, but it doesn’t stop there. as per usual our board development team has been pushing limits with construction, shape and materials to provide you with a snowboard that’s going to keep you stomping snowflakes. unless you brake it… in that case you can leave it by the Warran-tree. it’s a great place, eyyy. yeee, me mates do it all the time, fack!

moving into boards, here’s a ripper shot of Huilty roosting on his Berzerker.

and if you’ve made it this far…. that’s pretty cool. Send us a note to let us know you’ve made it here. Code word… “warran-tree”. actually, maybe we’ll ask you for your favourite fact from Erik’s Tech-Nerd presentation. Scroll through the slides, and we’ll dive into our board overview after.


and as promised the board slides! starting with THE PIG COLLECTION


next up, “TWINS BASIL” – tell us where this quote is from and win a prize!

and last but not least, our boards with an entry level price point.

whew… are you still with us? hope so. if not, well i guess you won’t be reading this anyways.

you’ve read through a bunch. probably opened instagram and started scrolling through you’re usual go-to. but in the off-chance you’re still here, we’ve got another last blast of product education for you to digest.


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