Well… we wish we were on the road visiting you and sharing some stoke, product knowledge, and a few Fast & Loose Lagers, and Sneaky Weasel’s…. but we’ll work our way through the stash in the garage in your honour. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic making the PK tour nonexistent,  ee’re are at home doing our best to not go crazy and keeping our bubble small. All the while getting up the local hills and chasing it as best we can.

The parking lot has become the spot to hang. And the liftline just need a little extra communication amongst the snow seekers to ensure we’re all feeling safe. 

Speak up! Ask you neighbour if they’re a single, or double, or if they want their own space. Andy asked someone if they were single, or wanted to join the 2pack and got yelled at by a grumpy Guss. So we know people are feeling a little sensitive in line these days. 

Anyways, we’re fortunate to be able to get out there, see some smile (when they’re not masked up) on the hill and in the liftline, let’s just do our part and make it the best case scenario for everyone out there stomping snowflakes.

For the love of snowboarding,

JRH Agency

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