Durham and Bird took a little trip with Dan and Reid last spring to put this project together, rather than focusing 100% on snowboarding they had Dan bring out his dirtbike to get the tie in to the board graphic and See See vibe.

There’s an unsung similarity between riding dirt bikes and snowboarding. Both include inherent risks, including but not limited to, risk of injury, risk of financial irresponsibility, risk of dedicating more time to riding than to important stuff like careers and relationships, and risk of having too much goddamn fun with radical people seeking the same sensation, which is the best feeling in the world.

One thing is certain about the two cultures; a cup of coffee before going riding gets you that much more fired up.

RIDE Snowboards x See See Motor Coffee came together for the RIDE Benchwarmer and A-6 Binding.

Check the collection – https://ridesnowboards.com/en-ca/see-see

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