The trip leaving Vancouver to Baldy started as one would hope, with a couple roadside hot laps at Manning Park.


After a couple burners we kept going, with high hopes that Su Casa was open for a bite. Out of all the times we had driven by that restaurant it was never open. Guess what, this time it was.

We touched down in Baldy with some daylight left on Thursday evening at the Bonne Neige, a cozy cabin that Allan rents out. Allan really enjoys sailing on the Okanagan lakes and getting fast.

Friday blew by and next thing we knew it was time to wake up for rider registration at the Baldy Bar on Saturday morning. Passes were issues and shirts handed out, the ATM even decided to work after a while. Sun squinting BJ (below) hung out in a tree for the better part of the day keeping scores on the riders. That’s why we call in Tree Jay.

Call him Tree Jay
Call him Tree Jay


From his vantage point Tree Jay could see rider such as the returning Queen of the Slackcountry Cup, Brooke Campbell. Brooke as we have often seen her do, was flying through the sun soaked snow with fine force. And surprisingly so was Todd-a-hawk… the biggest liability on the course.


We hung out in the sun all day as riders got a lift up to the peak of Baldy. I think I counted 8 or so ropes tied to the back of the Piston Bully… something like that.

View from almost the top. Not quite.

The day drew on and into the night there was a hip jam just outside the Baldy Bar. It was a janky jump but riders went at it. Liam brought up many Okanagan Springs for everyone. What a generous guy. He also is good at back flips, just like the person below. Anyone know who that is?

Seriously, help with this persons name please.


After a few bangs and bruises the jump was shut down for the night. Those that wanted to meandered into the Baldy Bar to do their fair share of dancing. It’s safe to say the Baldy locals love to boogie down on that dance floor. We joined the fun and kept it going til lights on. Unfortunately no tambourines were found this time.

Day two started with a  split race uphill, while collecting as many potatoes as you could. In honour of St. Paddys day of course. Thanks to those that showed up at 8.00am… to bad we were out a little late the night prior and needed a little extra beauty sleep.



And then the hip jump got another pass at it. This time a little sunnier, softer and slushier, which just happens to be 3 or Eriks favourite things.



After all that the queen and king of the Slackcountry Cup were announced. Was Brooke going to take home the crown again? Nope, there is a new queen and king. Please give a round of applause to Steph and Tristan!